Passed my test first time all thanks to shahin and his excellent training he made me feel confident while I was learning.he made wanting to drive fun. His professionalism was brilliant at all times, if I wanted to improve on something he made me feel comfortable in asking and he always made sure we covered everything. Never late, always engaged and the best driving instructor ever.

Rhyanne Stewart
9 October 2019

Would highly recommend Lynn as a driving instructor. I passed first time and couldn’t of done it without her time and help. She taught me everything I needed to know to learn and pass and made me feel comfortable to drive safely. I’m so thankful. I would 100% pick Lynn as your instructor.

Nicole Philcox
7 October 2019

Passed my test with one fault at the Croydon centre thanks to Bianca! Taught me everything I needed to know from the basics up, and was always clear with what I had to do. It was easy to learn with Bianca, because she's a hilarious and genuine person as well as being a great instructor. Never had a boring or bad lesson, would 100% recommend Bianca as an instructor.

Massive thanks to Bianca for putting up with me as I learned and giving me the confidence and skills I needed to pass!

4 October 2019

Just want to give a BIG! Shout out to my instructor Chris from Croydon. He was awesome in helping pass my test first time. If you’re thinking about taking your lessons with Jed’s then do. It’s a no brainier!

29 September 2019

I would like to say a massive thank you to Shabana, I finally passed my driving test yesterday after doing my driving lessons with Shabana over the years on & off. I’m extremely grateful for all the hardwork Shabana has done ensuring I was always confident with my driving. Throughout all my lessons, she was calm, patient, very professional, clear with all instructions, and always encouraged me to be positive and continue to do my best. Shabana has always given me good constructive feedback at the end of each lessons and motivated me to improve in all the areas I wasn’t doing well at. She made all my lessons relaxed and fun with lots of good driving tips. Shabana has a great personality and build a good rapport with me which made my driving experience the best,I couldn’t ask for a better instructor. I would recommend Shabana 100% to anyone who is looking to do their driving lessons. Thank you and continue being an amazing instructor ?

20 September 2019

Very much in disbelief that under the circumstances i was under, I managed to pass my test with only two faults! Big shout out to my instructor Anna who always had the biggest belief in me that i could pass, and was always supportive and encouraging me at all times.

Thank you Anna and team for helping me to become a fully licensed driver :-D

16 September 2019

I passed my test first time with Yiannis. He was the best instructor I could ask for and he always believed in me. He was a chilled instructor but at the same time always let you know if your mistakes and how to improve them. Would 10/10 recommenced Yiannis as your instructor.

10 September 2019

I am still in shock that I passed my test with Anna - but while I doubted myself, she never stopped believing in me, and always pushed me to the best of my abilities. I couldn't be more thankful to her and Jeds!

31 August 2019

I passed my test 1st time at West Wickham, with Bianca. I previously started off with Lynn, however I decided to switch to Bianca. I had 10 lessons with Bianca and then we decided to book my test, passed straight away. I would 100% recommend Bianca, friendly, funny and a vibrant person to learn to drive with. Helps you pass quickly if desired, lovely person to talk to and learn from.

Thank you Bianca!!! :)

Ria Kamdar
28 August 2019

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Russell Liardet
26 August 2019


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